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Daryan Knoblauch

Daryan Knoblauch is an architect, designer and scenographer. He studied Architecture and Urbanism at the Architectural Association in London where he graduated with distinction in 2021. Daryan’s work focuses on alternative models of living for which he uses writing, exhibition, furniture and installation design as mediums of communication. He has worked as an architect for 51n4e in Brussels, KAVA in San Francisco, Team 51.5° Architects London/Wuppertal and is the DAAD-Research-Fellow of 2020/21. He is as a studio master at the Architectural Association (AA) in London.


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Staging Differdange is a community project. It proposes a mobile tribune for collective neighbourhood gatherings which is...
Type of work: Community Platform
Estimated time: Permanent
Estimated cost: 15000
Total Votes: 796