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Caroline Schmit

Caroline Schmit is an ecologically inspired plant-loving artist based in Luxembourg trying to make a small difference. She’s especially interested in the way we look at the non-human and interact with it, as well as the impact nature leaves on us, physically as well as psychologically.

The artist was already fascinated by the plant world and art at an early age. However, it is only in recent years, during her studies in fine arts in Amiens and Strasbourg, that she began to combine the two in multidisciplinary projects: she practices drawing, video, sculpture, engraving and installation. Interested in the exchanges that can take place between humans and plants, she creates works that speak of traces as well as conciliation. Caroline Schmit has exhibited in the Salle des Pendus in Lasauvage during the European Heritage Days. She also participated in the Jugendkonschtwoch in Differdange (2019 and 2021), at the Biennale des étudiants en art in Vianden (2019 and 2021), at the Syndicat Potentiel in Strasbourg (2020), at the last Summer Dance in Erpeldange (2018 and 2019) and at the Food For Your Senses Festival, Kirchberg (2019). She lives and works in Luxembourg.

For the Diffmix project, she proposes a more interactive and participatory approach towards art by being more attentive towards our environment.


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Urban Herbarium
Presentation of the project How do we perceive ruderal plants, also called ‘weeds’, in the city? With...
Type of work: Art Workshops, participatory painting and mapping
Estimated time: 1 Year minimum, creating time 3 months
Estimated cost: 10.000
Total Votes: 12